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Sprite Kit tutorial.
By dissid3ntly
thank YOU! I learned more in 30 minutes about programming and Sprite Kit than I have in just about all the other things I've watched combined. This probably reflects poorly on me, a little. But mostly its testament to your brilliant tutorial format. I think.


If you ever need ANYTHING for any future projects, ideas, tutorials, content, whatever you can imagine... just hit me up. I OWE YOU. This is a no obligation offer. I'm a designer with some skills, just take whatever you need from my abilities.
You're welcome!
By Joachim Bengtsson
I was a bit disappointed with audio quality and pacing of the video, but that apparently didn't matter :) THANK YOU! It feels great to get such feedback :) I might take you up on that offer, I suck at design!

Btw, how on EARTH did you find this comment board?! I didn't even know it still worked!
follow up ...
By dissid3ntly
I was looking for your email, and found this site ( and right down the bottom right there's a tiny little "cmt" so I followed that.

Genuinely I would be super pleased to help you with anything you need in terms of audio or visual design. I really do owe you. I've been trying to crack at programming forever (2 years+) and it sucks for me because nobody thinks to explain things more practically. Everyone is "just do this... then do this..." without any real INFORMATION or WISDOM.

Yet yours has a TONNE of both really useful information and WISDOM.

Honestly, don't even bother looking at any other tutorial videos. Just work on your own style and go as deep as you can into that, if it's something you want to do more of. You will definitely build a loyal and appreciative following as soon as people realise what you're doing and how you're going about it.

Hit me on email anytime and I'll spill more info on what I can do.
Further thoughts...
By dissid3ntly
This half hour video was probably a real monster of a thing to approach. Likely a massive effort of preparation and testing and planning to pull it off so well.

What is obvious is the two best things about your thinking are you ability to plan and your ability to deliver wisdom and information. Now... make it easier on yourself... take advantage of that planning ability to break things down into bite size chunks of wisdom and information and make short little explanatory videos on just one piece at a time.

IF you want to make more tutorial videos. I can't imagine the pain and work involved in putting this massive video together.

Instead, think of something that's really useful and necessary, then absolutely isolate components of that activity and do a video on each.

Handling touch is just one example of this sort of thing. How do to do it in one way, that's one video. Another way of doing it, do another video. Don't put them all into one video. Just consistently put them out... use your planning ability to step them nicely in difficulty and challenge, intent and purpose, and then use your delivery skills to nail each one and sequentially put them up.

But that's a big IF. I think the world is very fortunate that someone of your talents and calibre has decided to make one tutorial. If you do more there should be at least some effort made to promote them, because they deserve a much wider audience.

And I think you've nailed it in terms of an interesting subject. Sprite Kit is fascinating.

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