The Alastic Comment Database (cmt)
Path: cmt/Documentation
Not recommended path chars
By Nevyn
Chars not recommended in path:
. (a dot) -- Is used internally to separate path segments.
/ (a slash) -- Is used externally to represent parth segments.
+ (a plus) -- Is converted by the browser into a space (conversion = bad)
cmt_ -- Used to indicate that the subpost is only a comment to a comment.
Some other non-alphanumerics -- Try to avoid them.
The Alastic Comment Database is open source!
By Nevyn
The cmt is open source! If you want to implement the cmt on your site, send me a mail, and I'll send you the one-document php file!

If your site doesn't have php, you can still use cmt. For example, if you use blosxom, you can add this as a link on your flavor.story:

Your comments will then reside under

Any questions? Throw me a mail.
TODO 0001
By Nevyn
- HTML-filtering from posts, at least as an optional variable. (I accidently added the HTML as real HTML in the above post. To get what I was trying to say, copy the link "Comment" to clipboard and read it from there. You WILL have to modify it slightly before adding to your blog!)
- Saving of name and email in a cookie (I hate cookies).
- Saving of CSS template into a session variable.
TODO 0001 (addon) (long-term)
By Nevyn
- A "nested" design, where cmt_-entries would be rendered on the same page as the comment that it is commenting on, but indented a little, slashdot-style.
- Searching.
- Login/Authorization, and with that, editing of posts. (site-wide?)
Bug report 0001
By Nevyn
A . isn't replaced in the method for generating the cmt_ link. This is BAD.
By Nevyn
Bug fix for #0001
By Nevyn
Now it is.

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